Isn’t it time that you headed south for the winter? If you aren’t sure where you want to go yet, take a look into Hilton Head, South Carolina. While you may be thinking, “But golf isn’t a winter sport,” we’re here to remind you that Hilton Head is so much more than golf. For example, take a look at a few activities you will find in this multi-faceted city in the colder months.

Get Out and About

Whether you plan to ride your bike on one of our over 50 miles of paved bike paths, go for a walk on one of our beautiful beaches, or take a tennis lesson, the weather is just perfect for being outside. In the winter, you don’t have the concern of heat exhaustion, so you can push your outdoor cardio workouts while still enjoying a temperate atmosphere. We have plenty of resources and rentals here to help get you started, or to keep you moving along.

Enjoy the Water

Now is the time to investigate our lagoon in a kayak or a canoe. Check the weather for a day that is on the warmer side and not too windy, then marvel at the view you will see waterfront. This is also a good time to learn to fish, as the hunt is on for the big redfish.

Shop, Eat, and Take it All In

Hilton Head boasts some fantastic shopping, both in outlet malls as well as charming boutiques. Make a day of it and take your lunch at one of our many restaurants. Oysters are quite popular this time of year, and our seafood is good all year round. When your shopping is complete, stay downtown and check out the arts for which we are famous. Theater and orchestra are in full swing. Enjoy it all!

Go Golfing

And yes, there is still golf in the winter. It could be even better than its warmer weather counterpart because there are fewer crowds to deal with, even though the temperatures are still relatively mild. With smaller crowds, you are bound to get the perfect tee time.


Winter falls at the same time all throughout the United States. But why suffer in the cold when you could be enjoying a view that is a beautiful combination of evergreens and palms? Sit back and do nothing more than enjoy where you are.

Hilton Head is a beautiful vacation destination. If you think it’s only best in the summer, you’re missing half the story. Skip the sweat and come kick back to enjoy some time off doing just about anything you want to do after the holiday season.