Spring Fever. The opposite of the illnesses you treat at the doctor’s office. Fevers through the winter get you all bundled up, stuck in bed with nothing but soup and crackers. Spring fever goes quite another direction—requiring lighter clothes and sunglasses, sunshine, and an icy beverage. One thing the two fevers share in common? Both need to be treated immediately to get them to break.* Allow us to help you treat that second ailment.

Bike trails

You know you’ve got to get outside to experience spring’s delightful weather. But what next? You can decide while you are riding a bike through the island on one of the more than 40 bike trails. Take note as you are riding of the shops and restaurants you would like to visit when you finish. Or, just enjoy all that nature has to offer in foliage and wildlife. Spring is also a great time to try a beach trail, before the sunbathing crowds take over. Trails are well-kept and clearly marked. You don’t even have to bring your own bike. Rent one while you’re here to save space during your trip.


For some, getting outside means a leisurely stroll through the beautiful nature that can be seen in a garden. Head to the Coastal Discovery Museum where you can see all the beautiful plants and flowers the state has to offer. Breathe in the relaxing scent of the camellias in the Camellia Garden or learn about more than 30 species of flowers in the Heritage Garden. If your eyes need a challenge, head to the Wertheimer Butterfly Habitat and see how many different kinds of butterflies you can find (open May through October). Or just browse through Hilton Head’s many nurseries to see what you might be able to add to your own garden.


If you are looking at Hilton Head for a spring vacation, chances are that you are a golfer. And you’ve picked the right place to go! Because of its location in South Carolina, Hilton Head has a more temperate climate than what you would find up north—perfect for those who would rather not deal with a heavy jacket getting in the way. With spring on the horizon, you might even get to feel the warm breeze while wearing short sleeves. There are many fabulous courses from which to choose on the island, you may want to plan ahead to decide which courses suit you and your golfing needs the best.

Outdoor dining

When you have spring fever, you want to spend the whole day outside. You don’t even want to go inside to eat. In Hilton Head, you don’t have to! Our island is known for some fantastic seafood that you will have to indulge in when you come. Don’t waste sunshine eating indoors—find an eatery with outdoor seating. Here’s a start. Then keep the night going with some dancing under the stars.

The healthiest way to treat your spring fever while in Hilton Head is to indulge it. Get your vitamin D while the sun is shining. Keep feeling the sea breeze on your skin in the evening. Spring time will set your head straight in no time.

*Not professional medical advice.