If you plan to be on Hilton Head Island between April 15 and April 21, then you should definitely plan a day out at the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament. Not only will you have a chance to see some of the biggest names in professional golf, you can also enjoy a gorgeous day out in the sun with family and friends on one of the prettiest golf courses in the country.


There is still time to get your tickets, so head over to the event website and choose from several different package options. Several weekly options are still available, including the Get Your Plaid On Pack, which offers access to several VIP areas like the Clubhouse, the Heritage Pavilion, and some hospitality venues. The Clubhouse badge costs a little less, but you’ll still get access to several cool spots, like the clubhouse and hospitality tents. You can also buy club tickets for a group for significant savings, while still accessing some of the incredible upscale amenities. Of course, there are also day passes, if you’re just planning to visit once.

Grown-Up Fun

If you’re planning a day without the kids, you’ll have plenty of options for adult beverages and socialization. Concession stands throughout the course offer cocktails, wine, and beer, or you can duck into a few of the venues to relax and chat. The Clubhouse Badge offers entry to the clubhouse, or you can check out the Ultra Club, the Titos Stillhouse, Wine at Nine, or the Craft Beer Garden.

Wherever you go, you’re sure to enjoy delicious food and drink that will make your day even more memorable.

If we can help you with any advice for your day out at the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament, don’t hesitate to ask. Our years of offering beach and bike rentals on the island have given us time to get very familiar with the golf tournament, so we can always point you in the right direction.