I have severe mobility issues. My power chair broke down completely on a late Saturday afternoon,  and left me without any mobility assistive device. As a result, I was a major fall risk.

I called everywhere on the island that rents wheelchairs, and everyone was closed. I called on Sunday and had the same result. I called the local fire and rescue service, local hospitals, the library – nobody would loan me a wheelchair for a few days until my tech could come and repair my powder chair. By sheer luck, when I tried Vacation Comfort Rentals again on Sunday afternoon, Eric answered the phone. He agreed to come to the office even though it was closed, and have a wheelchair available for me to rent.

Without his help – actually, he showed compassion that no one else showed me – not even the local hospita! – I made it through the next two days until my tech came for the repair. No falls, no injuries, thanks to Eric of Vacation Comfort Rentals.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart, and happy holidays.