We just returned from our annual week’s vacation at Hilton Head Island this past weekend. While we were down there, we rented our bikes from your company, as we have for the past few years. But this year was different. There were some changes that I noticed, all for the good.

When I called to reserve the bikes, a very friendly and helpful young woman who took my information greeted me. I voiced some concerns from last year and she promised that the bikes delivered would be in good order.

When we arrived, the bikes were there and looked brand new! They were in perfect working order, new seats, new adjustment levers, a new basket and new handle bar grips. Also, the gear ratio was calculated perfectly. What a pleasant surprise!

While we were enjoying our week’s vacation, I called about the possibility of renting an additional bike. During the call, when I gave my name, the same friendly young woman asked if my concerns that I related when I called to rent the bikes were to my satisfaction. WOW! She kept a note of this in my reservation and actually asked if all was well. Now that is TOTAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I cannot express my delight with the experience of dealing with your company. I believe that the ovrrnership/management is new this year, and I applaud your efforts in bringing the service offered up to this caliber.

Thank you again for helping to make our vacation an enjoyable experience. We will be in touch to rent bikes again next year.