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Planning Spring Break on Hilton Head Island

It may still be winter, but it's time to start thinking about warmer weather. Specifically, it's time to start planning spring break! Whether spring break happens for your family early in March or later in April, you can expect beautiful weather in Hilton Head. It's time to make a plan for how to spend your [...]

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Spring Is In The Air

Spring is right around the corner for most, but it’s already here for us on the island!  Home Depot and the grocery stores already have those lovely flower pots out with all the pretty colors, and last year’s Christmas items are back in storage awaiting their debut on clearance shelves nationwide.  But with the warmth [...]

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What’s Spring Break Like in Hilton Head?

It’s been a cold winter, and the time is coming season’s change, and Spring Breaks!  if you’re ready for a change of pace, and looking for things to do while on your break, here’s a little taste of you might expect on Hilton Head Island.   An Island Full of Natural Splendor On the top [...]

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6 Things To Do During Spring Break at Hilton Head

It’s Spring Break 2015. You’re on Hilton Head Island wondering what the locals get into, what the best bars to visit might be, and if there’s anything happening during your stay, right?  Well here are a few fun and unique #HHI things to get into… Daytime Activities SOBA’s Annual Art show The Society of Bluffton [...]

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