If this is your first trip to Hilton Head with a little one in tow, congratulations! There are so many cool memories to be made. But while you’re focused on remembering to pack the adorable little swimsuit Great Aunt Margo gave your little beach baby, some other essentials might just slip your mind. Since the baby won’t be reminding you to bring a beach chair for him or her, you wind up driving off without it. No need to worry about that in Hilton Head! We have several shops to rent you what you need—for the day or the week.

Baby Needs

We’re open year-round, so you can find just about everything you need for your baby at Vacation Comfort Rentals. You can even have your order delivered to your accommodations in Sea Pines Resort. You’ll find more than just a crib and a highchair here (though those are available!), but don’t forget car seats and strollers for on-the-go. And to keep your little one at peace while you’re inside, you could also choose an exer-saucer or a swing. Can you imagine if you had to pack all of that in your car?

Biking with Baby

If you’re planning to explore the island on a bike, why not take the whole family? You may have been able to mount your bike on the car, but probably not the trailer attachment for the little ones. At Vacation Comfort Rentals, you can rent a bike with a cart or baby seat attachment for the littlest in your group. A bike with a pedal-along attachment would be great for the little guys who are ready to keep up with Mom and Dad on their own. Don’t forget helmets! We have those, too.

Beach Gear

You might have the shovel, the pail, and everyone’s towels, but how are you going carry it all down to the beach when you have a toddler or two in your arms? Rent a wagon to bring it all down with you! And even if you did forget the towels, with everything else on your mind, we have those too.


So remember what you can, and if all that happens to be is Junior and his lovey, no need to worry! We’ve got you covered for the rest of it.