This time of year is a good time of year to take in the scenery, and really get a chance to explore the South Carolina nature that envelopes our little slice of paradise.  January is usually a mild cool, with colder night temperatures, but daytimes are quite lovely.  Here are few suggestions for thing you can do during this rigid month while you enjoy your stay on Hilton Head Island.

Honey Horn Nature Tour

With a museum docent, explore the various gardens and natural sites at Honey Horn. The Coastal Discovery Museum has a lot to offer for all the history and nature buffs that want to learn more about our island.  View more information, and see how to get in touch at

Kayaking Jarvis Creek

While onsite at the Coastal Discovery Museum, you can also take a tour down Jarvis Creek to scope out the salt marsh.  This event takes place Tuesday through Thursday, and it’s a great alternative option if some people in your group are looking for other things to do while you take your nature walk!   

SOBA Gallery Presents Les Feminine

Through the end of the month, paintings by Gayle Miller will be on display at the Society of Bluffton Artists Gallery.  The show, entitled, “Les Feminine” features a selection of beautiful ladies in vibrant, flowing watercolor.  Since relocating to the lowcountry, she has been greatly involved in, and contributed to the art community. Find out more about the show and the artist on SOBA’s website,

The Regulars, and the Discounts

Beyond this, there’s always the golf, the tennis, the day drinking, and the discounts.  Yep, discounts.  Hotel rates are much lower in the off season.  Not to mention, there are more options for places to stay since the island is typically a lot less crowded this time of year.  It’s worth the trek to the lowcountry in January, as much as any other time of year.

Come, stay, and get comfy.  We have the bikes, the beach supplies, the strollers, and plenty of other goodies for you, so call us and let us know when you’ll be here!  We’ll see you soon!