Hilton Head Island is a great place to visit.  For all ages, there are plenty of things to see and do in the lowcountry.   We have many types of excursions families and singles can participate in, we have a wealth of arts present close by, and there is plenty of music, karaoke and other nightlife. But there are a few things that really top the list when comparing the island to other places you can visit.

Bike Trails

With 12 miles of bike-able beach, 60 miles of bike paths, and 100 miles of protected public pathways, Hilton Head ranks high on the list of places for bicycle friendly roads.  This makes for a very easy way to get around!  Don’t let the idea of biking around the island seem exhausting, it’s flat land and especially at low tide, biking on our beaches will get you wherever you need to go in a jiffy.  You need no more than one gear, you just cruise.  So even in peak tourist seasons, we’re a great place to maintain autonomy on your vacation with few limitations.


We Love Golf

You may have some golf links where you’re from, but we’re not ashamed to say, we’re a stop on the PGA Tour.  All the golf courses here are fanatically groomed and finely tuned for pros, amateurs and all those in between.  If it’s important to you while you’re on vacation to have the best of the best when you’re on the green, this isn’t just one of the best options, it’s one of the most unique and widely recognized destinations in the US.  Send the kids to the Coastal Discovery Museum, and treat yourself to one of the best golfing experiences you’ll ever have!

Food and Music

Many places provide good food music.  What separates HHI is the brand of music and food you will get.  We may not have the bright lights of Branson, Missouri, or the honky tonks of Nashville, but we’re proud of our local talent and their brand of southern charm (South Carolina style) meets island life.  It’s something you’ll only find here.

Wherever you stay, whatever you plan to do, be sure to book your rentals early to make your trip as seamless as possible.  We can deliver the bikes you’ll need to get around to your door on your day of arrival.  We have pack-and-plays for the kiddos, extra roll-a-way beds, tables, chairs, and beach gear.  Give us a shout!

And remember, #staycomfy