Whoever controls the weather never seems to consult us before deciding on a good time to open the floodgates of a rain spell. Otherwise, we would certainly ask for beautiful beach days to last our entire vacation as we watch our kids play happily in the sand and water. However, Hilton Head has prepared for this fact by providing us with options to choose that are enjoyable for everyone no matter what the weather.

Island Playground

Active kids won’t necessarily see rain as a legitimate reason to slow down, as their parents well know. So let them run around and play! Island Playground is an indoor space with separate play areas for older and younger kids. Be sure the kids have socks, but snacks are available on-site if needed.

The Sandbox

Younger kids need time to grow their brains by using their imagination. The Sandbox is an interactive children’s museum to help them do just that. With programs like Imagination Hour and Kids’ Night Out, parents can easily plan this treat into a vacation. However, the museum is open for a visit every day so kids can explore their hands-on exhibits.

Adventure Cove

Heaven knows older kids get bored too (as if they don’t remind their parents every day). Rain or shine, it might not be a bad idea to plan in some time at Adventure Cove, a complete arcade and miniature golf location. With two mini-golf courses, siblings who need a break from each other can have their distance. And those poor, video-game starved kids can put their gaming skills back into practice.


No parent wants to hear “I’m bored” from their kids on a long-awaited vacation. When vacationing in Hilton Head, you shouldn’t have to. (And if the kids don’t believe you, show them this!)