When planning a trip to Hilton Head Island, it’s important to know where to get all those necessities that are vital for your vacation.  We see many families come to visit, many young couples, and even some Spring Break college students- all of which have their own individual needs.  Here are some things that you’ll want to know, that you may have already thought of, but maybe not.


Bicycles are the best way to get to most of the attractions on Hilton Head.  You can ride them from hotel room or condo straight onto the beach- and in some areas, it’s the only way to get around!  There are various bikes sizes to choose from for kids and adults, so you’ll want to make sure that you get the right fit for you.  We have a few tips for safe cycling that you might want to read through if you’re new on the island.  But you’ll be happy to know that there are bike paths just about everywhere you go!  Also, because we don’t want to see you run into any issues while you’re here, we’ve got a few add-ons that will come in handy for getting around. Baskets are always included as needed, helmets (adult, youth, and toddler sizes), alleycats, and we even have tandem and adult tricycle bikes for rent.

Be sure to check out the FAQ portion of our site for a little more info on bikes, and definitely look at our bike selection while you’re here!


We see a lot of families come through the island, and there are always things that are forgotten at home, or left behind because they’re too much trouble to carry!  Well, fret no more, there’s no need to worry about whether you should bring it or not, and you don’t need to fight about who forgot it, because we’ve got you covered.  From car seats to cribs, even crib bumpers– we’ve pretty much got everything you’ll need, and probably a few things you didn’t know that you were going to need.

Here’s a short list of a few things we carry:


What do all islands have in common?  Beaches! Because of this, not only does it make it a necessity to get around on bikes, but you also have to consider the “beach specific” needs that arise.  Here’s an example…  You’re laying around on the beach, and your wife or girlfriend is sunbathing and reading a book, and the kids- or you and a couple other folks are starting to get bored…  What do you do?  For a common, and fun Hilton Head past time that’ll really pass the time- Bocce!  Bocce Ball is a game that comes in handy for small groups, bored dads, keeping the kids busy, or bringing everyone together for a game that usually doesn’t cause any unwanted arguments (Monopoly anybody?).

We also know that there are a few amenities that come in handy for anyone, that are often forgot like beach umbrellas, towels, beach wagons (even wagons that fold), beach chairs, and more.

Beds and Other Items

Some of the hotels and condos in the area may not have enough rollaway beds for island visitors, and sometimes halfway through a stay- you realize you just need a little extra bed space.  We have twin rollaway and single rollaway beds. Sheets aren’t included, but that’s usually something property managers will provide, so you won’t need to worry.

Other items that we find are helpful for our visitors are wheelchairs and card tables.  If you are going to play Monopoly, you’ll need somewhere to do it!

We’ve thought of just about everything we can to make your stay at Hilton Head Island as care free, easy, and fun as possible.  If there is anything we haven’t thought of, let us know, we’ll help you find what you need, and be sure you have access to it during your stay!  Heck, if we need to be carrying something new, we’d love to know.

Enjoy your stay on Hilton Head Island!