Of all the things you can do on Hilton Head Island, we wanted to know what people are ranking at the top of their list for 2018.  So with just a little research we put together this short list of some things compiled from across the interwebs.  Now, there are a lot of things you can do on the island, and many of them are common interests, like golfing or boating.  So in putting our list together, we decided to keep this in mind but also try to escape from the normal activities to pull focus on those things that you don’t hear talked about all the time.


First of all, whether you’re here for family fun, or a getaway from the family, there’s a location that anyone over 21 may want to consider as a introductory stop on the island.  Hilton Head Distillery is a producer of craft, small batch rum and vodka.  It was founded by two world-class, small batch distilleries that came together and brought their respective expertise in Carolina whiskey and Caribbean rum under the same roof, sharing stories and experiences along the way.  You can sit and enjoy a tasting of the various offerings, and if you decide to make it past the tasting room and take a tour you won’t be disappointed.  They even have a Hilton Head Island gift shop where you can get some shopping done on your way out.  It’s not hard to set up a visit, just call ahead or visit the site to put your reservation in. Be ready for a 5 star experience.


“The grounds are beautiful and it’s free” says Tripadvisor.  Looking for something unique to do on the island with your family, or your significant other? You’re missing out if the Coastal Discovery Museum isn’t at the top of your list!  This location provides not only a host of activities for children and adults, it’s a great place to discover the wildlife and history of the island.  Not only do have a fantastic selection of things to do and see on a regular basis, they also have temporary exhibits that they are always changing out, so this can be a regular stop for you on your trips to HHI and you’ll always have chance to see and learn something new!


Of the top things we found online that people enjoy, or are just talking about the most, our Hilton Head Island Bike Trails are top of mind.  They are no secret, but until you ride these trails from one end of the island to the other, you may not fully know the extent to which our town has committed to these means of travel and convenience.  Riding a bike on HHI is (and has been) the best way to get from one part of town to the next.  You can feel free to hop from one place to the next without the headache of parking, and traffic is stopped for you when you’re on a bike.  The bike trails are a well kept and scenic option for our visitors that we locals take pride in.  We’re happy to know that this is becoming a more well known feature of the beauty that is our island, and we’re happy we can provide a service that helps get you from place to place on these trails.

Be sure to see our selection of bikes of all sizes as well as our other items in store that can make your stay on HHI more comfortable and enjoyable.  See you on the dunes!