Solo travel inspires a new appreciation for vacation spots as travelers can focus on themselves, their desires, and their surroundings. Traveling by yourself is cheaper and sometimes more fulfilling. It can even be more relaxing, since the only time schedule you need to keep is the one you set on your own watch. Hilton Head has the beauty to make it a perfect destination for a solo trip. When you take that vacation, here are some of the things you might enjoy all on your own.


One reason people choose solo travel is because they’re looking for time to reflect. Few places offer better surroundings for such soul-searching than the beautiful coastlines of Hilton Head Island. Choose your spot along Hilton Head’s 40 miles of beach and settle yourself at the water’s edge. Then take all the time you need to relax, reflect, and recharge.

Historical Exploration

Another reason for solo travel involves a different kind of searching. While not all historical examinations involve researching your own ancestry, it doesn’t mean that part of the past is irrelevant to your life. People of all backgrounds may wish to learn about the struggles and histories of different groups. Hilton Head offers the backdrop of the Gullah people, a very compelling story of enslaved people who were among the first to rise above oppression.


Your favorite way to relax and unwind may not be the same as your partner’s or your family’s. Because of this, you will often find people coming to Hilton Head for a golf vacation by themselves, since the island offers such top notch courses. Others may choose tennis, hiking, bike riding, or even visiting the spa. Whatever your need, you will more than likely find it here in Hilton Head.

When you head out on your solo vacation, you really can’t go wrong with any decisions that make you happy. If you miss something on your list—since there really is so much to see in Hilton Head—just add it to your list for next year’s trip!