You’re finally taking the plunge and coming to Hilton Head for a vacation. What can you expect when you arrive? What is it like there? Should you expect parties or peace? Beaches or bikes? Nature or neon? Generally speaking, you will find a little of everything when you visit our island; however, there are a few things that make Hilton Head culture unique.


If you go out for an evening walk in Hilton Head, don’t expect to be led back to your destination by streets lined with neon lights. One thing that makes Hilton Head stand apart from many other vacation spots is its dedication to the environment. You won’t find neon lighting anywhere on the island, and there is a strict curfew for other outdoor lights during turtle mating season.

Historical culture

Hilton Head can boast that it is home to Mitchelville- the country’s first established village consisting of and governed by formerly enslaved people after the Civil War. The culture of this people group, called the Gullah, continues today and can be studied by visiting landmarks in the Mitchelville area.


Hilton Head may be best known for its premier golf courses, but the air of exercise and good health is a common theme on the island beyond just golf. With nearly sixty miles of bike trails traversing the island, visitors could ride just about every day of their vacation and see something new each time. Beyond bikes and golf, you will also find plenty of opportunities for land sports like tennis and pickleball, as well as water sports like boating and fishing.


So whether you want to fit right in with the Hilton Head culture when you come, or you just want to view it as an outsider, there is still one thing for sure. Hilton Head is waiting for you!