Hilton Head is an all ages friendly place to visit any time of year!  Right now, since that tax return is burning a hole in your pocket, it’s a good time to look around and consider where you may want to take your next vacation.  A lot of our guests are looking for a getaway that’s close enough to drive, yet far enough to forget about the everyday duties they have.  Also a place that provides activities for everyone in the crew.  We’re a good spot to come for warm weather, beaches, outdoor activities, and overall relaxation.  So you might say we’re a “perfect storm” of all the vacation needs you have.  

Beaches and Marshes

Come for our beaches, we’re an island afterall!  It’s the epitome of relaxation, warm weather, and comfort.  Not to mention, we have some of the cleanest beaches in the country!  White sand and all.  Check out our rental options for fun in the sand and sun. But that’s not all our waterfront property contains, we’re in the lowcountry!  That means marshes, wildlife, nature reserves.  Also, with plenty of water comes plenty of fishing!  

Bikes and Activities

Getting around is easy on HHI.  If you’ve been here before you know this, but if not, bikes are, as the kids say, the “jam”.  There are bike paths across the island, plenty to stop and see, and even bar hopping if you’re looking for a good happy hour.  Rent your bikes online to avoid lines at the kiosks and other stands.  They come in many shapes and sizes to provide ease of use, and multi-functionality.  

Kids’ Stuff and Accessories

If you’re travelling with kids, it can take quite a bit of planning.  Fortunately, you can travel light, because we’ve got a lot of what you need right here.  Baby cribs, beds, and strollers, and other little things that will come in handy are all for rent, here. They can also be delivered right to wherever you’re staying.  If your children are older, you might want to look at not only the mid-sized bikes, but the Bocce Sets, and other beach things we have in store.  They come in handy to accessorize any fun trip to the beach

And More

There’s a little bit for anyone of any age individual in your group.  There are plenty of resources on the island to get you what your family and friends might need to get around or have something to make your stay more comfy.  But it saves time and money to get things booked in advance.  Book all the rentals you might need with us today, and plan your trip with all your needs fulfilled in advance.