There’s just something refreshing about being able to take a deep breath in a place that really cares about the environment. Preserving the environment is something that Hilton Head holds dear. Here’s what we’re doing to preserve and sustain the beauty of our town.


Since becoming a town in 1983, one of the main goals in Hilton Head has been to “go green.” There have been many laws and ordinances put in place to keep the environment as close as possible to the way it has always been. This has done a great job of making the town well-known for its natural beauty. But much of the hard work in keeping this reputation comes from procedures put in place to sustain it. The community had a vision for keeping the town green and has worked hard at implementing ways to sustain the surrounding natural environment. The steps that have been taken include educating the public, using clean transportation, protecting wildlife, reducing waste, and financing it all by sustaining economies and tourism.


Preserving the beautiful natural surroundings and cultural significance of Hilton Head has long been a goal of the community. The Gullah culture is an important piece not only of Hilton Head’s history, but of African-American history as well. The Mitchelville Freedom Park is one way visitors can see the history of the Gullah preserved. As far as the environment, guests will notice how, even in our tourist attractions, we do our best to protect vegetation, trees, wildlife, and even our waterways.

When you plan to visit Hilton Head, rest assured that you’ll walk into a paradise of freshness akin to what has been there since the beginning of time. We strive for visitors to know how seriously we take our roots.