It may still be winter, but it’s time to start thinking about warmer weather. Specifically, it’s time to start planning spring break! Whether spring break happens for your family early in March or later in April, you can expect beautiful weather in Hilton Head. It’s time to make a plan for how to spend your vacation time to take advantage of those incredible atmospheric conditions. But first, take care of the essential details.


The first thing to do for your vacation is to plan for a place to stay. Choosing one of the island’s fine resorts will give your family access to everything all in one spot. However, a lovely cottage stay can give you a home away from home feel. Also, consider location, location, location! You can find just what you need in the shopping district, near a museum, or at the beach.


Now it’s time to psyche up the family. While some kids will be excited about the prospect of possibly hitting the beach every day, older kids who don’t go outside much might want to hear more about arcades or mini-golf. But if your family just wants to go, go, go, be sure to check into getting bikes to explore the miles of scenic trails the island has to offer.


Although your meal planning doesn’t need to happen until you reach your destination this spring, there’s no reason you can’t give yourself a reason to look forward to it now! Get an idea of what your family is looking forward to, and tempt them with the menus of some of Hilton Head’s finest eateries.


Thanks to the beautiful beaches and warm sunny weather, Hilton Head is an excellent place for planning Spring break. Be sure to make the necessary bookings now so that the rest will fall into place when you arrive. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and we’ll see you soon!