If it’s not on Instagram, did you even go on vacation? More and more, vacations are becoming just as much about the pictures you take as the relaxing you do. And why not? What better way to remember some of the best times of your life than to capture that perfect sunrise on the beach? If getting up at dawn isn’t your thing, here are a few other places to shoot some beautiful photos or snap a great selfie in Hilton Head.

The Lighthouse

There’s nothing more iconic while in Hilton Head than getting a shot with the Harbour Town Lighthouse. Yes, visitors are allowed to go to the top, so be sure to get shots from the lighthouse as well as with the lighthouse. Visit the museum while you’re there, and maybe pick up some professional pictures to remember your trip.

The Shell Ring

To take your journey back in time a little—by about 4,000 years, in fact—head over to Sea Pines Resort to visit the oldest archeological site on the island. The Sea Pines Shell Ring is a Native American structure that had undetermined usage, but is quite the sight for visitors.

The Wildlife Refuge

You never know quite what you will find when you visit Pinckney Island Wildlife Reserve, but you know it will be the unexpected daily life of the animals you’ll find there. Keep your eye—and your camera lens—open for bobcats, alligators, and birds of all sorts.

The sign of the times is a beautiful picture in a memorable setting. It’s a reminder of a wonderful time as well as a reminder of the reason you need to come back and experience it all over again. You might even find some tucked away treasures no one has captured before. Don’t forget to post it!