If you’re traveling a long way for your stay on Hilton Head Island then you may require amenities that others don’t.  For example if you are traveling with children and you need to be able to carry all the toys you brought out to the beach, but you can’t fit their toy wagon in the back of the minivan, for those we carry beach wagons that can help carry all the extra things.  You might also be staying somewhere that only has room for 4 of your guests, and you need an extra bed for the week or the weekend, for those we carry rollaway beds.

Even if you aren’t traveling a terribly long distance, it’s nice to know that there are rental companies paying attention to every need.  Maybe it’s a short flight, or you realize upon arrival that you really just need an extra card table for the cabin.  Sometimes there are just little things that make the trip easier.  Sometimes you get out on the beach and realize that you forgot the umbrella for Mom!  We have full beach combo kits just for you.

Whatever the needs, and for however long you’re staying, we have a lot of good options for things you may or may not have thought of alongside all those HHI vacation standards.  We hope you’ll take a moment to browse the store, and see if there’s anything else you might need that you maybe didn’t even think of in advance!  It might make planning for the trip a little easier too!