We’re all about making life easier for our friends, neighbors, and guests.  With the busy season in full swing, it can be hard to have all the resources needed to supply for the demand on our little island – so we all have to pitch in and help each other out from time to time.  Some of the places you’ll stay here on Hilton Head may not have extra beds because they run out, or they simply don’t have any extras. Well, we’ve thought of a few amenities to make the trip more comfortable.

We offer Roll Away Beds and much more!

If where you’re staying is not able to provide you with an extra bed, fret no more!  We have single and twin sizes available, with bed liners and we can deliver right to your door.  We pride ourselves in the care we take in all of our products, and we go extra lengths to ensure that your bed is always clean when we arrive.  Where they may not have extra beds, most of the places you will stay on HHI will have the bedding, and clean sheets you’ll need for your bed.  

Beyond this, we also offer wheelchairs, poker size tables, and chairs.  All these items are available for rental online, but we also can answer any questions you have, and place orders over the phone.  Though this is a busy time of year for us, we make sure to take our time with guests, and get you all that you’ll need, and answer all your questions.  Call us anytime!  We often stay a little later in these summer nights, and we’re up early – so most likely, you’ll get a hold of someone!

Don’t forget to browse our inventory to see all we offer!  There might just be something you hadn’t thought of that can help you out on your stay, and make your vacation just a little easier.