Sometimes, your stomach wants what your stomach desires. Even in Hilton Head, a Lowcountry hotspot, you might be in the mood for Italian food rather than famous cuisines like shrimp and grits or fried scallops. No matter what you’re craving, with these mouthwatering multi-cultural Hilton Head restaurants to choose from, everyone is sure to be happy!


Comfort food if ever there was such a thing – nothing beat pizza, pasta, and the rest made in true authentic style. Come to Pomodori (1 New Orleans Rd.), where you must try an eggplant tower or Ombra Cucina Italiana in the Village at Wexford for great food and service. Bring your appetite, and don’t forget dessert!


Even though you can’t find a Chipotle in Hilton Head, you might discover the next best thing at Java Burrito Company. Relax, kick back and enjoy your daily burrito if that’s what gets you going. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all highly rated.


Mediterranean food is all the hype these days, so stop by Vine if you are scouting the best of this fare in Hilton Head. It is a perfect date night restaurant, especially for vegetarians or others watching their cholesterol.


Imagine your favorite Chinese, Thai, and other Asian dishes with an American twist in the atmosphere. That’s what you’ll find at Relish in Park Plaza. When nothing but a good spring roll hits the spot, Relish is your go-to destination.


But if you’ve come to Hilton Head to experience the local fare, you have no shortage of excellent possibilities. Skull Creek BoathouseThe StudioCatch-22, and Poseidon are among those to try for good ole Lowcountry favorites.


Sometimes, there’s nothing better than authentic cultural Hilton Head restaurants. And sometimes, you want to try something new. Going to Hilton Head, you might expect to finish your day after a beach trip or bike ride with the comfort food of the Lowcountry. But one thing is for sure; you can find what you’re craving in Hilton Head.