beach games on hilton head island

Since we’re here on the island, we have a chance to see a lot of “island activities” that passers by and other visitors may not have a chance to think of or try out. We thought we’d share a little love and help give out some ideas for families, and adult parties a-like, just to get the creative juices flowing!

Bocce Ball

This is a fun HHI favorite!  We even supply what you’ll need for this one…  

What you’ll need:  Bocce set

Players: Typically 4, but we’ve fudged the numbers before so, you could too and swap out team members if needed!

All Ages.

You want about 40’, up to 90’ of space (easy to do when the tides are low, unless the beaches are just slammed).  If there’s even 40’ just go with as far as you can throw reasonably without disturbing others.  The object of the game is to get your balls closest to the pallina, or the “little white ball” (in our case, the smaller ball is actually black, this will be dependent on the Bocce set you get).  You do this by tossing/rolling your ball toward the pallina, knocking your opponents’ balls out of the way, and/or blocking your opponent from rolling their ball as close as yours. Divided into two teams of four, or four teams of two, or another combination that works for you.

The starting team should stand at one end of your open space and will throw the small pallina about half way through the area.  Since a part of the strategy can be to try and move the pallina, you want to leave room for this.  The same player will then throw the larger bocce ball (of his color) and try to get it as close to the pallina as possible.

During play, the closest ball is considered “inside”, and all players are trying to get there bocce balls closer than that one to become the new “inside” ball.  Balls not closest to the pallina are “outside”. After all balls are thrown, the inside color is awarded the point.  The scoring team is also awarded additional points for each ball the same color, closest to the pallina that’s closer than the competitors’.  You can get up to 4 points with 4 balls, 2 with 2 balls, etc.

The first team to reach the desired points wins.  Games typically go to 7, 11, or 21 points.

Keep Your Bottle

What you’ll need:  2 empty plastic bottles, 2 plastic cups, 2 or 3 buckets

Players: As many as you have!

All Ages – great for family fun.

First, you’ll need to divide the players into two teams. Choose one person from each team (a good sport, someone who won’t mind getting a little wet) to sit, cross-legged, with a plastic bottle on their head.

Line everyone else up on the team alongside your good sports with about 5 or 10 feet between the team and the bottle headed teammate.  Give the first in line one of the plastic cups. Fill up a few large buckets with some water (ocean water is usually best with this game) and place them between the team members and the good sport.

At the signal, the first team member (from each team) runs to fill up their cup and then pour it, quickly and carefully, into the plastic bottle on their teammate’s head. Either continue until one of the bottles is filled up, or call time and see who has collected the most water.

The Splash Roulette Game

What you’ll need:  Small cards or pieces of paper with numbers written on them from 1 to x (x being the total number of players). Put all the cards in a hat or bag.  You’ll need a small container for water (choose an appropriate size for the age of your players, the location, the weather etc… A small plastic tumbler usually works well).  Also, a large container of warm water, such as a bucket or baby bath.

Players:  As many as you can get!

All Ages – great for families.

Pick one player to start the game. He or she will pick a number out of the bag without letting anyone else see it, and remembers that number. He then fills up the small container with water and stands in the center of the other players, who form a circle around him, but not too close. How far away you should stand is up to you…  But stay within tossing distance!

The player in the middle faces the other players, in turn. Every player (besides our middle man) chooses – and says loudly – a number between 1 and x. Every player must choose a different number than the last. As soon as somebody chooses the number that was picked, the middle man throws the water at them!

Since you’re playing with as many numbers as there are players- if you do get all around the circle and all the players have chosen a number but NOT the correct one, the person in the middle has to throw the water over him or herself!

Other Beach Games

Ping Pong Ball Race

Dig a series of sloping channels (usually toward the ocean) wide and smooth enough for a ping pong ball to move swiftly. Make them equal in length, or maybe have longer channels for older children and adults. Let the race begin!  Place a ping pong ball at one end of each channel and race each other by blowing the ball down the channel to the finish line.  Recommendation:  start with a straight line, and then make the courses more advanced by adding more twists and turns.

Beach Mini Golf

Make your very own mini golf course in the sand!  Players may take turns with a plastic golf club and ball, or whatever you have at hand.  The key is to start at a singular point for all players with a simple course.  After all have tried this course, keep score of how many hits is took to get the ball in the hole, and add rocks, starfish, seaweed or beachwood (as desired) to the course each time to make it more and more difficult.  Play usually lasts 9 rounds.

Frisbee, beach volleyball, french cricket are all fun things to try out as well!  Don’t forget, getting around the island is easier with a bicycle.  Contact us about great rates on Bocce sets, bikes, beach stuff, and much more!

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