As you likely already know, our little island has taken quite the beating from Hurricane Matthew.  This past week has been a charade of evacuations, contradicting information, and uncertainty about the island’s state of repair.  We wanted to offer a local perspective, and give what we can to the conversation to help clear the air.  We’ll also be sure to continue to update you as things progress.

What we know: Hilton Head has suffered significant damage, as the eye of the storm went straight overhead a devastated quite a bit of the city.  As of now, the island is basically shut down, with clean up crews working day and night to help get it ready for residents.  But at the moment residents are not allowed on the island as things are not currently safe for habitation.

Since all residents are evacuated, including us, we’re unsure what the current status of repair is, or how soon vacationers will be able to return.  We should be able to get home within the next day or so as the smoke clears, and we should gain more solid knowledge about the progress that is being made during that time as well.

Stay tuned, as we have more information we’ll be sure to let you know.  Be sure to follow us on, and to keep posted on our progress.

Thank you for reading.