If you’re coming to Hilton Head in October, fret not, this is one of our comfiest months of the year.  The weather is warm and cozy, the beach is nice as always, and there’s a little less traffic to have to sift through when getting around.

In fact, a little known inside scoop, this time of year may be one of our nicest, year round.  It’s easier to get those tours around the marshes booked, a cool twist on paddle boarding – you can go fishing while standing up, and of course there are shorter lines for those interested in kayaking and biking tours.  It’s really just a great time of year to get out and do about anything on the island!  

Truth be told, this Island stays pretty great year round, but of course we know travel is more limited this time of year.  If you have a chance to pay us a visit, right now is as good a time as any, and it’s perfect for those looking to get away and not deal with all the crowds associated with vacation and travel.  

For some more insider tips, visit our friends over at HiltonHeadInsidersGuide.com.  They offer downloadable PDFs of insider tips for year-round travel to the Island. They are by far one of the best resources for information regarding what to do and where to go, including insights on Golf, Shopping, current and ongoing events, as well as a checklist of some things you might not want to forget for your visit.  

Whatever your pleasure, we have it here.  Don’t forget your toothbrush!  

We’ll see you soon!  #staycomfy