What is the number one priority for you while you for your vacation in Hilton Head? If you are like most, you want to make sure your vacation is comfortable – for everyone with you. What does it mean to be comfortable? When you are away from home it, means having everything you are used to having (and sometimes a little bit more). At Vacation Comfy Rentals, you can find everything to make your vacation exactly what it should be. Here are a few of things you’ll find:


You’re at the beach… now what? How about a tour around the island to see what you’ve got in store for the week? Or maybe you just want to view the scenery or get some exercise. If your own bikes didn’t make it on the rack, or you didn’t even think of it until now, there’s no need to worry. At Vacation Comfort Rentals, we can get you and your family sized for the perfect ride.


Packing for a day at the beach can be a bit much. Maybe you have everything you need, but no way to bring it down to the ocean. At Vacation Comfort Rentals, you can get hooked up with a sand-friendly wagon for either equipment or kids! If you are in need of chairs or even an extra towels, you’re covered.


How on earth are parents supposed to remember to bring every single thing their baby needs when they are packing for vacation? It’s nearly impossible. Or maybe there were simply things that were too big to fit in the car. That’s why you can count on a trip to Vacation Comfort Rentals to pick up what’s left.


Whether you forget to pack any beach essentials from home, or you just realized what would make it a more perfect vacation, Vacation Comfy Rentals has it waiting for you.