With so much to do on Hilton Head Island, there’s no way you can enjoy it all before the kids tucker out for the night. Some of the things you want to do aren’t necessarily right for the kiddos anyway. But you don’t want to miss your chance to check out The Rooftop Bar. If Grandma can’t join you on your vacation to watch the kids after hours, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Hilton Head Nannies

The first place you should try is this local site. They specialize in servicing the Hilton Head/Bluffton area, which means babysitting for vacationers is nothing new.  The reason this is your first stop is because they value your child’s safety over all, which means they hold their staff to very high standards (which also means they may be limited with the number of babysitters they have on hand any given night).


Care.com is a free resource that catalogs caregivers in any given area. Here you can find someone at the last minute and still be sure of their qualifications by reading about each available sitter on their site. You can even get an idea of how much they will charge in the bio you read.

Nanny Lane

Similar to Care.com, Nanny Lane is a site you would need to join to get a complete listing of available sitters in the area. However, once you leave—or take a trip somewhere else—you already have a site you can trust. Don’t just take their word for their experience, though. Read their references for a more complete idea of your chosen sitter.


Now that you have found the perfect sitter to stay with the kids, you don’t have to stop at just one night out on the town. The Jazz Club awaits.