Once upon a time, kids, people had to pay for film and couldn’t see the pictures that they took right away. Then came the smartphone, and now people can take all the pictures they want until they get the perfect shot. All they need is the right backdrop. Wouldn’t you know it? Hilton Head has several of those. Here are a few of Hilton Head’s best photo ops when you want the most awesome vacation selfie.

Harbour Town Lighthouse

If you are looking for just the one spot that gives away your location at Hilton Head Island, then you must ride your bikes over to Harbour Town. The lighthouse is probably the most iconic landmark on Hilton Head. While you’re there, go ahead and climb the 114 steps to the top so that you can also get breath-taking shots of the sea.

Fort Mitchel

For those who get excited by history, you will want to make sure to visit this Civil War site. Not only will you get the story of the war, but you can also see Mitchelville in the area too, which was the first-ever establishment by freed slaves.

Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge

This is the photo destination for all the animal lovers out there. What better way to capture the beauty of an American alligator, a white ibis, or even a bobcat than in their own natural environment. Just be careful; it’s not your natural habitat, so you might not want to get too close.

The beach!

No matter what beach you choose here on the island, you are bound to get some beautiful shots. Take some out on the ocean at sunrise at Palmetto Dunes. Or head over to Shelter Cove Marina for glorious pictures of ships at dock. You can even head out onto the ocean and get pictures of the shore.

When you’re on vacation, your number one priority is probably making happy memories. Take advantage of our beautiful scenery to make those memories last in your photographs.