Hilton Head events are back! You may have been counting the days until you could come back and enjoy the famed Wine & Food Festival. There is not much longer to wait. If that’s you, make sure to plan your vacation to Hilton Head for September 14-18 this year. Here’s what to expect:


Dinner on an opening evening at the festival is a high-class affair to kick off a week of jubilee ahead. Though, while the first night gives you a taste of the best of the area’s top chefs and restaurants, the rest of the week offers tastings of many other classics from around the island. The concluding food event is a lunch thanks to several vendors.


You aren’t just going to be tasting wine at this festival; you’ll be tasting award-winning wines. Tastings will be occurring each evening, including the concluding lunch event. If you select to be a VIP for the weekend, it will open even more doors to your tastebuds.

Other Events

While the events center around the central theme of food and wine, organizers have been working hard to make sure they’ve included some fun in there for you too. Through the week, you’ll be sharing hors d’oeuvres with new friends, bringing your wine to sip while you stroll through Hilton Head’s shops, and watching a movie at Park Plaza. Check in to see what else they have planned.


So, open your calendar and mark the dates above. Book a reservation for the whole week now, before your favorite resort is all booked up. Take a day after the festival as well. You may need that to rent a bike and work off everything you ate!