There are some things that foodies just know. If you want some good barbeque, you go to Kansas City. Craving a cheesesteak? You can only get the best in Philadelphia. You want a lobster roll? Get thee to New England. And the place to go for oysters? Hilton Head Island. Knowing this, the Hilton Head community sets up a grand event each year at peak season. Here people from all over can experience the culinary crowning glory of the Lowcountry. Here’s what you need to know to get your oyster fix.

Where and When

Bring your family (but please leave pets at home) to Shelter Cove Community Park on Friday, November 13 from 5-8pm to kick off this year’s event. Purchase an All You Can Eat ticket for $20 – $35 per person, so you can get a good sampling from local eateries around the island. Food will be catered by Roy’s Place. Try your oysters steamed or in a chowder. Want to sample some other local favorites? Give the Lowcountry boil a try, or maybe even some pulled pork. No reason you can’t try a little of everything!

What You’ll Find

Friday is also Football Night in town, so bring your goodies to the pavilion to watch some football while you munch; purchase some merch; or just sit back and enjoy the live entertainment. The AYCE ticket is for food only, so be sure to bring money for the cash bar that will be available. Drinks are provided by Southern Eagle and Carolina Tasting Room.

After visiting the Hilton Head Oyster Festival, you’ll be able to decide your favorite way to eat your oysters. Then, each year when you come back, you’ll know where to go and what to order. Be sure to bring your appetite!