Hilton Head Island has done a great job of being a unique destination.  As the anticipation builds for the Heritage Golf tournament, those few days in our turf are a great break from the grind the golfers (see why “Four days in Hilton Head is a perfect follow up to the Masters”).  We’re a laid back place, but we keep clean behind the ears.  It’s an island, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you fishing tour guide will be Captain Ron.  And our Spring Break isn’t the one you see on MTV’s greatest hits.  It might be an acquired taste for some, but those of us that love this place and live here, it’s a perfect way to be an island off the coast of the American Dream.

Here are a few of the “Top 10” suggestions that put us on USA TODAY’s 10Best

Seafood is a magical food.  And it’s best when eaten close to the water, especially when the table you’re sitting at overlooks the water where the fish swam last.  In no particular order, here are some of the list’s suggestions for the best seafood in town:

Attractions and Activities make up your days here.  It’s important to the know the best, or at least have a good idea of how to fill your time.  Here are some of the top suggestions that they found (again in no particular order):

Tours and Excursions are another way to spend your days in Hilton Head.  The Island is only 7 miles long, but there’s a very large body of water out there to explore.  The lowcountry of South Carolina and the coastal tip of Georgia also provide a very unique scenery.  Here are a couple suggestions for the adventurous:

Getting Around is Easy

Getting around the island doesn’t have to be a chore in the summer traffic.  Visit our store, and order online to get those bike orders in and avoid the lines!  We didn’t mean to rhyme there.  It just happened.  #staycomfy folks.