There are a great many things to and to see on the island.  Many of these involve going out in groups, going to locations and watching shows, there are a lot of places to wine and dine, and of course, golf and tennis are big here on the island.  However, you can get so much out of our little island just by going out and getting close to the natural landscape.

Hilton Head has been around for 300 years.  There are great places that have been here for generations and hold a history and natural beauty that you can’t get at the cost of any ticket you can buy.  You get to go out and get close, and experience something unique that you can find nowhere else.  Here are a few places to visit that should be at the top of your list.

Sea Pines Forest Preserve

Home to a number of nature trails, the 4,000-year-old Indian shell ring (its purpose, much like Stonehenge, remains a mystery), horseback riding and tours, wagon tours, and picnic spots along Fish Island.

Jarvis Creek Park Nature Trail

Jarvis Creek features a 1-mile loop that’s good for walking, jogging, or alligator watching.  Bring a picnic basket with your lunch and some mimosas, maybe a kite or a frisbee for the kids.

Fort Howell

The remnants of Fort Howell, which was built during the civil war, is the perfect balance of history and nature.  As with many of the remaining civil war forts – on the property, there isn’t much of the physical fort left, but the land it was built on is quite breathtaking.

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