It’s getting close… And it’s our biggest weekend of the year!  We’re so stoked about it, and already getting prepared.  If you’re planning to join us on Hilton Head Island for July 4, then there are just a few helpful things you should know.  Little things that will definitely help you navigate and cover your vacation needs.

Planning Ahead:  Book Early

Travelling around the island, especially during a busier weekend, couldn’t be easier than riding a bike.  Be part of the veteran HHI vacationers, avoid the traffic, and take advantage of our many bike paths, and pedestrian/rider-friendly streets.  In fact, many of our VCR Family members (Join our Family for awesome discounts) book their bike rentals well in advance to getting here so they can be sure to have everyone in their party covered.  

Plan ahead and give us a call to book those rentals early.  We don’t just provide bike rentals – we also have many other things you might need for your trip to Hilton Head.  For families, we recommend looking at our rollaway bed options, also baby options like cribs and high chairs.  We have many rental options that might help make the ride or flight to the island a little easier to manage.  We have strollers, bedrails, door gates, bikes of all sizes, even tandem bikes and alleycats.  

The Best Spots for Fireworks

Shelter Cove Harbour – All year long, at the Shelter Cove Marina you can find awesome fireworks displays!  The parking is free, and so is admission, and you will find plenty of refreshments at the the nearby shops.  Bouncy houses, live music, and many other kinds of entertainment make this spot one to check out.  You might even want to come to Shelter Cove early, on the 3rd, so you can have more opportunities at various locations to see fireworks throughout your stay with us on the island!

Harbour Town – The fireworks at Harbour Town light up over the Harbour Town Lighthouse and Calibogue Sound.  If you want to make a day-long affair out of your Independence Day, the Harbour Town 4th of July Parade will be from 8:30am to noon!  On that note, maybe you can go to Shelter cove on the 3rd, see the 4th of July parade first thing on the 4th at Harbour Town, have plenty of time for shopping, eating, drinking, or anything else that suits your fancy, and then head on to Skull Creek to keep the scenery fresh!

Skull Creek – Live entertainment begins at 6pm traditionally at Hudson’s Seafood House on the docks.  July 4 pyrotechnics launch from a barge in Skull Creek, at dusk.  

Hilton Head is a friendly and fun place, even when it gets busy!  Take it from us, get your reservations in early, and simply bask in the pleasures HHI has to offer!  

Enjoy, and #staycomfy!