When you come to Hilton Head, it’s hard to look for something fun to do that is not at Shelter Cove. You may be coming to Hilton Head for a specific event, like HarbourFest, which you will find at Shelter Cove. Or you might be just looking around town for something fun to do (or eat. Or buy.) You can do it all at Shelter Cove! Here’s what you’ll find there.


Over the past thirty-three years, Shelter Cove has been the place to be when the sun goes down. With shows just about every night, there’s something for everyone. Performances by Cappy the Clown, Shannon Tanner, and Parrot Palooza highlight this year’s entertainment, so there’s no reason to miss out.


Tuesday night lights up the sky after the sun goes down over the harbor at Shelter Cove. While there’s a big bang planned to celebrate the 4th of July, all the other weeks this summer should be just as grand. There’s nothing like watching the beautiful colors explode over their reflection in the water. Don’t miss the show when you are in town!

Shopping and Dining

Daytime at Shelter Cove is just as exciting for those who have come to relax. Relaxing for a particular group of people means checking out the deals in the adorable shops in the shopping district. And while shopping can be nearly like a sport sometimes, it’s a good idea to plan a tasty lunch (or dinner) when you are finished. Shelter Cove has plenty of options to suit your crowd’s different tastebuds.


No matter what you came to Hilton Head to do, chances are you will wind up at Shelter Cove to do something fun! From live music, lively festivals, tasty food, and everything in between, you’ll find all the fun at Shelter Cove!