Hilton Head is one of the best vacation destinations for family fun. You can find any number of activities to keep your kids busy during the day, then watch them sleep peacefully through the night, dreaming sweetly before expending even more energy the next day. Even your hard-to-please teens can get excited about the family vacation, because there’s plenty for them to do, too.  Be sure to put these on your family’s to-do list:

The Sandbox Museum

It’s rare to find a museum that caters exclusively to the youngest children, but that’s exactly what you have at The Sandbox. There are many interactive activities for babies on up to keep the attention of even the fussiest child. With two locations (one in Bluffton, and one on the island), this is a must when visiting Hilton Head with little ones.

Adventure Cove

What do you do when it rains, and you can’t go to the beach? We all know that rain does not go over very well with kids. While curling up by the window with a good book might be appealing for you, your kids might not agree. What they can’t resist is a day at the island’s premiere arcade! This place is guaranteed family fun for all ages.

Zip Line and Aerial Adventures

One of the joys of having older children is that they start to do things that you enjoy too. You might not think to go zip lining on your own, but when your teen tells you they want to do something fun outside, you’ve got your chance to live like a kid again yourself. Don’t worry about the younger ones – there are activities at Zip Line and Aerial Adventures for kids as young as five.


A Hilton Head vacation can make everyone in the family happy. But it’s not just all about the kids. Once they crawl into bed after their day of fun, it’s time for the adults to have a little fun of their own. Like we said, there’s something for everyone!