If you didn’t know yet, biking is the quintessential way to get around Hilton Head Island.  Hence there are many options for Hilton Head Island Bike Rentals.  The question remains,  how do you know what you need, and what’s the easiest way to rent a bike here?

Picking the Right Bike

Generally speaking, most adults 5’ to 6’ will ride a 26” bike, whereas those between 4.5’ and 5’ will ride a 24” bike.  For people 4 to 4.5’ tall we have a 20” bike, and we have 16” youth bikes. Adult bikes come with an optional basket, and we have kiddie carts, child seats, training wheels, and even tandem bikes available.

Renting On Foot

Wherever you are on the island, year round, there are many rental shops you’ll pass.  These can be really helpful in a pinch, but in the long term, this may not be the best investment, as prices can easily get hiked for passers by.  These shops also may not have all the amenities you’ll need for the rest of your activities.

Between April and September, if you’re close to Coligny Circle, we have hourly, daily, 3-Day and weekly bike rentals at a kiosk on the corner of South Forest Beach Dr. & Tanglewood Dr.  In front of the Comfort Inn Hotel.  We’re the only kiosk on the island, and rentals are super simple.  Don’t forget to ask about all our other rental options for Beach, Baby, Beds, and other items (such as wheelchairs).

Renting Bikes and All Other Items Online

Probably the easiest method for renting bikes in Hilton Head and everything else is to go online, and have it delivered right to you. Even if only a few days before your trip, if you get over to our store you can rent all you need and we’ll deliver it in as little as 2 days.  If you have a phone and a signal, you can always come to our website and pick out everything you’ll need.  It’ll be ready for you wherever you’re staying, and we’ll pick it up when you’re ready to leave.

Wherever you end up, definitely be sure to ask the rep what’s going to be best for the rider.  Click here for some safe biking tips.  Click here to some some FAQs on bike renting.  We have all your needs covered in the shop section of our website.  There are many options available, so if it seems a little overwhelming, we’re always around to jump on the phone and answer any questions you may have!