Right now is a perfect time to plan your spring, summer, and fall vacations in 2016.  Which makes February one of our busiest times of year for rental reservations. Which also makes it a good time for discounts and family fun, are we right?  Right.

You’re Looking for Bikes

We’ve got them.  It’s in our mission statement.  We’ve got bikes for rent of all sizes.  We have smaller bikes for smaller people, bigger bikes for bigger people.  We have bikes that you can put more than one person on (please tag us in that photo, btw, @comfyrentals).  Imagine the possibilities!

You’re Looking for Reasons to Leave Things at Home

We’ve got things.  Things you to use for children to keep them tame, and safe, and sane.  I hope you’re sitting down for this one…  We have bocce ball sets.  Nay, we have full beach, full of fun, sets that include beach chairs, sand chairs, umbrellas that can allow your family to do beach things with as few, or as many people as you prefer.  They’re mix and match.  Yes, all the things.  We have all the things. Options.  We even have a category called “Other” just to offer more things like card tables with chairs, and wheelchairs!

Still trying to decide?

Are u looking at all the competing Hilton Head rental companies wondering, what’s the difference here?  We’ve all got bikes within the same general price range, in the same general sizes.  So what’s the catch?  How do you pick? What’s the difference between our company and theirs?  We’ll tell you, it’s easy.  Our commitment is to offer the best customer service on the island, with the best value for the quality rentals you will receive. Plus, we are way more than just cool new blue bikes…with rental categories including everything from baby items, to rollaway beds, and beach accessories, simplify your vacation plans by making VCR your one-stop-shop for everything your family needs on vacation! Plus it doesn’t hurt to receive 10% OFF your entire order by joining our VCR Family.

Bust a Move, and Sign Up… Cause We’re Saving You Money

That’s right folks.  Although February boasts our lowest rates of the year, whether you are booking for the current month, Easter week, 4th of July, or the fall season- by securing your reservation prior to March 1st it guarantees you the best possible rate for your upcoming vacation in 2016. In addition to the low prices, we offer our VCR Family members an extra 10% OFF their entire orders throughout the year.  How do you join our VCR family?  There’s a box in the sidebar of this page that reads, “Join the VCR Family”.  That’s all folks, just join our mailing list, and receive even more savings!  If you’re hunting for bargains, this bull’s eye is winking at you, kid.

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