One of the biggest draws to Hilton Head Island is the water! You’re on an island, after all, so why not take advantage of the stunning waterways by boat? There’s much to see, and a boat is the quickest way to glimpse it all!

For Boating Beginners

You may have little experience and would rather someone else take the wheel. It makes sense, you’re on vacation; why should you have to do all the work? Consider these options:

  • Boat Charter – While this option is pricier, it is the most laid-back experience. You can hire a captained boat for a limited time or even the whole day! You can even discuss special requests for must-see places with the company. Many boat tours offer a sunset cruise option, and it is quite a sight to behold, so be sure to ask about it.
  • Sailing Tours – Get your sea legs and learn the ropes, if you like, or kick back and relax while you sail around the incredibly picturesque island.
  • Dolphin Tours – Bring your group out to catch a glimpse of one of the sea’s friendliest creatures, the dolphin! This tour is sure to delight all ages!

For Experienced Boaters

Do you have boating experience? In that case, you may want to rent a boat. There are a few choices you could make:

  • Pontoon Boat – Pontoon boats are a little easier to navigate with more seating and storage for your excursion—a true delight for entertaining out on the water.
  • Deck Boat – These boats have the “get up and go” that you might be seeking. They’ll be on the smaller side, so they are not ideal for entertaining, but they are good fun all around!
  • Fishing Boat – With these boats, smaller groups can enjoy a cruise around the water while trying to nab the catch of the day!

Whichever way to choose to embark on the journey of the waterways, you are in for a treat. Book your stay today and soak up the sun and water in one of America’s favorite vacation spots.