Everyone knows that beaches make the best backdrops for photos. Nothing is quite as breathtaking as the rolling waves and the sunshine to make your images extraordinary. Whether you’re planning a big family photo, capturing a milestone event, or just showing off your photogenic self, Hilton Head Island is the ideal place for frame-worthy snapshots.

Finding a Photographer

You’ll want to reminisce on this time together over these photos, so if you’re not taking them, finding the right photographer is critical. Luckily, you have options. Hilton Head has professionals that specialize in the art of beach photography just waiting for your call! 

If you’re the photographer, you’re in for a treat because nothing but majestic beauty surrounds you on Hilton Head Island. From the wildlife to the landscapes, there’s not a whole you can’t take a good picture of! Bring your equipment and hang beachside, take a hike or a bike ride on the trails, or hop on a cruise for optimal Lowcountry views and dining.

DIY Photoshoots

Maybe you’re a budding photographer or know someone that is. You can always have a DIY photoshoot at the beach. If you don’t have an amateur photographer handy on your trip, here are a few tips to take some fabulous photos:

  • Take a selfie stick! This nifty device can grab a photo of you gallivanting around the beach solo or accommodate a few others. Say Cheese! 
  • Bring a tripod. If you’ve got a crew along with you, a tripod is your best friend to ensure everyone is in the shot. Make sure you know your camera’s timer functions to ensure that everyone is camera ready! 
  • Pick the perfect time of day. Sunrises and sunsets make great photos, but your preference matters for what kind of shots you get, so plan accordingly. 


Come and stay at Hilton Head Island and catch those perfect shots of you, your loved ones, or just picturesque scenery. Showcase them on your mantle and enjoy memories that put those happy smiles on those faces.