Bike rentals are common on Hilton Head.  As it’s a beach town on an island that’s under 10 miles in length, a bicycle can make it very easy way to get around.  When we have a high volume of visitors on the island, it also helps with parking, and reducing congestion.  Bikes are a commodity here, and as such, sometimes what you get is a bike that hasn’t been well maintained, or the service is undesirable.  Not every rental company will go above and beyond, because – frankly, they don’t have to.

We rent bikes, and we rent other items that we believe will help to ensure a fun, and comfortable trip to HHI for you and yours.  The reason we rent these items is because, as one of the smaller companies in town, we have a unique opportunity to look at all the needs of our clients in a way that is more personal and independently oriented.  Meaning, we can spend more time with customers, and we can provide a level of service that pays attention to their specific needs.  Simply put, we’re in the business of making your stay on HHI more comfortable.  Hence the name.

Baby Cribs are a prime example of this.  Obviously this is an item few people may need.  There’s a small portion of the clients we serve currently that need a crib at their vacation home, but those that do have this need, really need it.  When you travel with children there are a lot of extra items that you need on your trip.  We carry baby cribs for that reason, to help make the vacation, and the travel to get here, as easy as possible.  We know that it’s just a small part, but we also know from our own experience that it’s the little things that matter most.   Baby cribs are just the start.  We also carry Pack & Plays, High Chairs, Booster seats, Swings, Bed rails, and other items to help make young families’ stay easier to plan for.

For the same reason, we carry wheelchairs, small tables and chairs, rollaway beds, and even beach sets.  It’s a lot to offer, and many of these items are very specific to unique needs, but again, it’s all about the those little things.  We’re here to provide more than just a commodity.  We’re here to provide real service, real value, and real attention to whatever your specific need may be.   If there’s something we don’t carry that you need for your trip, let us know!  We’re not only open to suggestion for future growth; we do everything we can to get you what you need while you’re here.

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