Needless to say, we offer baby crib rentals.  That alone is something you’ll have a hard time finding here at Hilton Head Island, so it definitely separates us from other HHI rental shops.  But the thing we get complimented on the most, and separates us the most, is the thing we most pride ourselves in.  True, honest, and on-time customer service.

For some, the job is limited to the bikes, or beach supplies, or anything else that a customer might call a rental service company to ask us for.  But we offer things like baby cribs, wheelchairs, poker tables, and bocce ball sets because these are the things that anticipate not just the needs associated with being on the island, but the things associated with being away from home.  We may not be the only shop here that offers them, but these are things that, unless they apply to you, you might not think about.  And we take great care in maintaining clean rental stock.

When you call us for a rental, we NEED to know when you arrive, and when you’ll leave, and we need to know how many, and what size bikes will fulfill your needs.  We WANT to know how we can make your stay most comfortable.  We’ve learned that sometimes the little things that are less needed by many of our guests, can really help the few that need these things the most.

Don’t forget, we’re locals, and we love it here!  We’re interested in making it more fun for the people that come visit so they’ll keep coming back.  That means we want to make sure we provide all that you need to make your stay more enjoyable.