Our hearts are heavy (as well as so many others) with the latest news of the alligator tragedy (see more here if unfamiliar).  To go on vacation, having planned a fun-filled family getaway, only to have the outcome result as the Lance family’s did… no words can describe that loss.

The point to this letter is to give recognition to our close knit community.  Anyone that visits the low country (HHI) knows that alligators are quite prevalent here.  I lived most of my life in California, until moving here 3 years ago.  There are many adjustments one must make in a move from coast to coast, as I’m sure some can relate.  However, there’s little you can do to ready yourself for the presence of alligators if you’ve never been around them before.  It seems, with this news, and in light of the lack awareness someone (like myself) would have if they are unfamiliar, we forget that they have been around MUCH longer than us, and can pose threat to both animals and people.

We hope that all our visitors enjoy the beauty of the lowcountry, for all its splendor and magnificence.  But we all must also respect the natural habitat of the lowcountry, and all its residents.  We have to always be aware that alligators and other potential predators are around us.  And although most animals, including alligators, are not instinctively drawn to humans, the threat is very real.  Especially when talking about small children and pets.

In light of this fact, I’m so grateful every time I drive around the island and see signs plastered everywhere: “DO NOT FEED ALLIGATORS”, and “BEWARE OF ALLIGATORS”. Well done city of HHI for displaying as many signs as possible that these threats exist.  

Everywhere we build up community, there are considerations that must be made toward the treatment of the natural habitat, and the natural habitat’s treatment of us.  I can only hope that businesses that encourage travel to areas where threats exist will heed news like this, and take example from places like Hilton Head Island.



VCR, Co-Owner