Sea Pines Reserve Hilton Head

According to a recent review by TripAdvisor, there is a top 10 list of things to do on the island that you can find here. We thought we’d offer a few thoughts of our own and give a top 3 list of our favorite things to do while you stay with us here on HHI over the upcoming Labor Day!  

#3 – Sea Pines Forest Preserve

Obviously there is a ton of beach around the island, but nature in South Carolina is more than just beautiful beaches.  For the outdoorsy person in us, and even if you’re just looking for something a little different to do – Sea Pines Forest Preserve is a great way to get away, and experience nature in a unique and personal way.  It’s great for walking and biking, and the area is clean, clear and serene.  It’s a great escape from what you might expect here on the island.

#2 – Coligny Beach

Now back to the beaches!  Coligny is a local favorite.  The beach is close to the nearest parking, and has many changing stations, showers, and swings, and plenty of other amenities including fountains for the little tikes in your group.  We do recommend riding bikes to and from any of the beaches in the area, as it makes it much easier to park and get around, and with shopping and dining close by this beach- biking will help you get from place to place without having to deal with all that Labor Day traffic.  Which leads us to our next, and #1 recommendation!

#1 – Hilton Head Island Bike Trails

Ok, Ok, we might be a little biased about this one.  But we do have the best bike trails here!  And, in fact, this is also the #1 according to TripAdvisor as well.  You can get around most of the island without ever having to use your car!  This makes parking, and travel as a whole much easier on the island as a whole.  The trails not only make it easier to get from place to place, but provide a mode of transportation comfortable for any age group.

We have bikes of all sizes for all age groups and people of all sizes.  See all our options here.