People choose to lead a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle for various reasons, whether for their health or moral obligations. No matter what their motive, it’s not as simple as just cutting meat from their diet. This is especially true if they have allergies or food sensitivities that require them to pay close attention to the foods they consume which can make dining out with friends feel like an ordeal. Enjoying a nice dinner out doesn’t have to be frustrating for vegans or vegetarians, and we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of the best Hilton Head vegan restaurants to make planning dinner nights a breeze!


This spot always ranks at the top spot for vegetarians here in Hilton Head as it’s one of the only spots in Beaufort County to have a vegetarian-only menu! Delisheeyo practices what they preach on their less-than-an-acre lot where they grow, harvest, prep, and serve all the fruits and veggies you’ll find on the menu.

Java Burrito

If you’ve ever been on the hunt for a burrito bar slash coffee house slash breakfast bar, look no further. Java Burrito is serving up locally sourced all-natural ingredients without artificial preservatives and absolutely no growth hormones.

Healthy Habit

Healthy Habit is a quick-service restaurant with a focus on salads, wraps, and food bowls made with the freshest of ingredients. They even have a separate (and extensive) vegan/vegetarian menu and offer meal prep services too!

The Studio

For one of the most unique dining experiences here on Hilton Head, head to The Studio. Not only does their menu cater to those with food allergies (vegan, gluten-free), but the atmosphere is simply unrivaled. We highly recommend enjoying some delicious international dishes in a fine art gallery to the sounds of beautiful music.

Dough Boys

We’re not trying to get your hopes up TOO much with a pizza joint on this list, because while Dough Boys may not have a vegan pie on their menu, they are very well known for their chopped salads. Choose from one off their menu or create your own!

Sprout Momma

This family-owned bakery specializes in locally sourced organic flours and handmade fresh foods made from scratch, every day. The Sprout Momma menu has tons of delicious fresh dishes with an abundance of vegan and vegetarian variations.

Mellow Mushroom

We usually try not to include chain restaurants on our “favorites” lists, but it’s hard not to include the Mellow Mushroom on the one for Hilton Head vegan restaurants. We felt kinda bad about teasing you with Dough Boys when they don’t have vegan options beyond their amazing chopped salads, so we’re making it up to you with Mellow Mushroom’s amazing menu of fully vegan pies, salads, tofu toppings, tempeh hoagies, and so much more.


If there’s one thing about the Lowcountry, we know food. And vegan or not, when you come to Hilton Head, you’re going to eat GOOD!