As you continue to prepare for your Hilton Head vacation, you need to make sure you pack your brain with all the fun facts that will set you apart from any of the other travelers coming to visit.
Drop a hint here or there about what you know, and the locals may add to your knowledge.
Here’s where to start:

Staying Green with Trees

One thing the community of Hilton Head is passionate about is the environment. There are
regulations developers must follow about leaving existing trees in place. The town even built
around their now-famous “Liberty Oak” when planning to build a marina, in order to show their
devotion to preserving the environment.

A Great Rebuild

The Great Storm of 1893 – an enormous hurricane that killed almost 1,500 people – nearly
eliminated Hilton Head island entirely. Fortunately, the Red Cross had just been established,
and Clara Barton went to work on one of the organization’s first major relief efforts.

Home, Sweet Hilton Head Home

Although the population of Hilton Head is relatively small, as a portion of the number of people
found on the island at any given time, thanks to the great tourism industry (just over 37,000 to
about 275,000), there have been several famous residents. Who has called Hilton Head home?
Michael Jordan, Arthur Blank, and Stan Smith.

Everyone is Singing Its Praises

Well, not everyone, but there are 120 members in the Hilton Head Choral Society who might
be. And although the choir is world-famous, they welcome community members to sing with
them as well.

The Battle of Port Royal

One of the largest sea battles in North America took place off Hilton Head Island, which was the
location of Fort Walker. During the Civil War in 1861, a fleet from the Union Navy took it upon
themselves to block the cotton traders coming from the Port Royal Sound, which led to a huge
win for the North as they were then able to take control of Fort Walker.

Now you should be set for any local trivia contests you enter. Keep digging and you’ll be the go-
to person for all knowledge Hilton Head.