It’s May, and that means summer is right around the corner. If you’re already planning your summer vacation to Hilton Head Island, you may be looking for activities the whole family can enjoy.

As fun as vacation can be, lack of planning can lead to some frustrating moments. You want to make the best memories possible with your family, right? That’s why we pulled together a few tips to help you enjoy every second of your trip.

Plan for Meals

Because many visitors arrive to the island on Saturday, the grocery stores are often packed. If you plan ahead for your first meals, you can avoid the crowds until Sunday, when you’re more likely to enjoy a stress-free shopping experience.

Book Equipment Rental Early

The number of visitors to the island means that resources can become scarce. If you plan to rent beach chairs or bicycles upon arrival, you may want to rethink your plans. Book your necessities now so you can be sure they’re available.

The same goes for securing extra cots, cribs, and other seating for your vacation rental. If you’re counting on leaving your own bulky items at home, be sure you have something reserved as soon as possible.

Learn the Nature Rules

While many activities are perfectly acceptable when roaming throughout the island, one thing is strictly forbidden. If you or your kids see any sea turtles or sea turtle nests, back away and watch from afar. The fines for disturbing these endangered animals can be steep.

There are quite a few other beach rules you’ll need to follow. This helpful list will give you the information you need to stay within the law when you travel. Nothing ruins a vacation like jail time.

Check Restaurant Availability

Meal times can also bring some frustration, especially if you haven’t planned ahead. Some of the more popular eateries on the island fill up quickly. Prepare by calling ahead for reservations if you’re hoping to enjoy a special night out.

Also, double-check the restaurants you hope to visit with your kids or pets. Some aren’t as child or pet friendly as others, and you’ll want to know before you arrive. This site helps you locate the restaurants with kids’ menus, as well as any that allow pets on the patio.

You’re well on your way to a fun, happy, and memorable vacation. Be sure to stop by and reserve any of the rentals you might need to make your trip complete. We’ll see you soon!  #staycomfy