Remember the days of throwing everything you need for a weeklong vacation for two in one bag? Making plans for a spontaneous weekend getaway on Thursday and having everything ready to go when you got off work Friday to head to the beach? Now that you’ve had kids, the ability to take a fun in the sun and sand trip hasn’t disappeared entirely, it just requires a bit more planning. Entertaining yourself is easy, but entertaining a couple of excited toddlers on the beach can be tricky. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a few helpful tips to ensure you and your kids are happy on the beach this summer.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Before you can have a fun-filled day at the beach with your kids, you have to plan ahead. When it’s just you, all you have to worry about is packing your favorite bathing suit and some sunscreen. With kids, it’s a little more involved. Sure, they still need their bathing suits and sunscreen, but they also need toys, drinks, something to shade them from the sun, snacks, and that’s just the beginning.

Before you start packing your beach wagon, make a list of everything you know the kids will need to stay safe and entertained. This will prevent you from forgetting anything important before heading out the door. Once you’ve made your list of all things you know you’ll need as well as all the things you might need, whittle it down to the necessities and then toss in a few extras.

Blinded by the Light

The sun tends to reflect off the sand and water more than it would in your front yard. Because of this, you’ll need to take extra precautions to protect against the harmful UV rays. Make sure the kids have some sunglasses with lenses that block out UV rays and keep applying a good waterproof broad spectrum sunblock in the SPF 50+ range to keep their peepers and their delicate skin protected. Nothing ruins a trip to the beach faster than a bad case of sunburn!

You should also consider springing for a pop-up tent designed for beach use. The kids won’t always be out splashing in the ocean and they’ll need a shady spot to rest before jumping back in the water.

Be the Early Bird

If you really want to enjoy your time on the sand as much as possible with the kids, then you need to head out to the beach as early as possible. You’ll avoid the crowds and your kids will have so much more room to run around without worrying whether they’re bothering other beachgoers. Another benefit of heading out early is that the kids can play for hours but still be back inside before the sun and the temperatures hit their peak.

Digging for Treasure

Kids love to dig, just think of all the holes you’ve had to fill in around your home! Luckily, at the beach this is an activity you can encourage as well as participate! While they’re playing in the surf, bury a few plastic toys, shells, and fake treasure items in the shallow sand. Once they’ve exhausted themselves in the water, you can have them dig for treasure around your beach chair. This will keep them entertained while still keeping them close by.

Happy kids will make for happy parents, and that will ensure the whole family enjoys their beach vacation this summer! We have all the rental equipment you might need to keep everyone safe and busy on the beach, so reach out before your vacation to make sure you’ve reserved your bicycles, umbrellas, and strollers. We also have rentals for indoors, including Exersaucers, Pack & Play cribs, car seats, and booster seats, so you can leave everything at home for a lighter traveling experience.

Enjoy your stay on the island and as always, book your rentals for those beach chairstowels and of course reserve your bikes directly from our store, or by calling (843) 342-6673.