Whether you are looking to have a romantic seaside beach picnic with your special someone at sunset, or you want to do an easy supper with the family, you know it’s going to be a summer event to remember. Make sure it’s a good memory by having the right equipment with you. Not sure if you have it? Use the checklist below to help.

The Right Blanket

To keep sand from blowing up over your food, try a fitted sheet! Put coolers, chairs, baskets, and whatever else you have on the sheet and pull the corners up and over to make walls around your eating area. When you’re done, the sand shakes right out.

The Right Umbrella

The direction of the wind or position of the sun might determine which way you tilt your umbrella. But what if the wind changes? Or if you stay long enough that the sun changes position. Bring an umbrella that adjusts with your needs.

The Right Foods

What is the right food to eat at the beach? The more finger foods you can serve, the easier the clean-up will be. It is easier to protect your food from divebombing party crashers such as the local birds if you eat it piece by piece.

The Right Protection

At a picnic, you usually aren’t the only ones invited. Bugs, birds, even the sun tend to invite themselves at time. You might not want a lot of chemicals on your fingers when you apply bug protection, so look for all-natural alternatives.


Making sure you are dressed for the weather, making sure you know the picnicking rules for the beach you select, and making sure the timing is right for your meal should also not be forgotten. Also, if having a beach picnic was a last-minute decision and you’re not sure how you’ll get the whole family AND the picnic supplies down to the beach, we’ve got you covered. You can rent bicycles, wagons, beach chairs, and even a bocce ball set to entertain the kids after they’ve eaten. All the extra planning will be worth it for a fun and peaceful meal.