With the cooler temperatures finally arriving, beach trips are bound to have some chilly days. The sands and waters of Hilton Head Island stay warm through most of October and sometimes even into November, but you have to have some plans for those days when the weather is just too cold to swim.

These 4 day trips from Hilton Head Island will keep everyone in the family excited. Let’s start with the longest drive, at 35 miles.

Beaufort, SC

History buffs will get a big kick out of a day trip to Beaufort, where you’ll find a quaint town and plenty of Civil War relics. You can wander through The Castle, the John Mark Verdier House Museum, the Robert Smalls House, or the John Archibald Johnson House. You can also visit the Santa Elena History Center or the Beaufort History Museum.

Don’t miss out on the incredible dining and quaint shops in the downtown area before you head back to Hilton Head Island!

Savannah, GA

Yet another southern city steeped in history and mystery, Savannah is an excellent day trip you can take from Hilton Head Island. Many who make the trip choose to park outside the city and enjoy a bus tour of all the squares and the riverfront. You could also enjoy a horse and carriage ride, if you prefer.

Some of the sights you’ll want to see include the Sorrel-Weed House, the Andrew Low House, the Mercer House (featured in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil), the Owens-Thomas House, the Juliette Gordon Low Historic District, and the stores and restaurants of the historic riverfront.

Bluffton, SC

Just eight miles west of Hilton Head Island is the quaint little inland town of Bluffton. The Bluffton Promenade is packed with restaurants and an inclusive small-town feel. All of this is made better by the gorgeous changing leaves and the brisk fall air you’re sure to enjoy in October.

Before you leave, make sure you see everything on Calhoun Street, where the historic district is located. You’ll also want to visit the historic Church of the Cross on the river’s edge.

Daufuskie Island, SC

Part of the charm of Daufuskie Island is the boat ride you’ll take to reach it, as it’s only accessible by ferry or private boat from Hilton Head Island. After you arrive, you can visit the Bloody Point Lighthouse, which looks nothing like any lighthouse you’ve ever seen. You can also see the now-closed Silver Dew Winery, which is worth the visit for the story alone.

Of course, you don’t want to spend all your Hilton Head Island vacation away, but a day here or there in new places is always fun. If you choose to stay on the island for your whole vacation, those cooler days could be spent exploring the bicycle trails. And for those days when the beach is warm enough for a romp in the surf, be sure to rent your beach chairs and wagons so you can relax and just enjoy.  However you want to spend your vacation, we’re always here to help, so just give us a call.