Hilton Head Island is a favorite vacation destination for all, and it’s easy to see why. When you think of Hilton Head Island, you can picture those sandy beaches and beautiful low-country landscapes, but there’s a lot about Hilton Head Island that you might not know.


Here are six fast Hilton Head facts:

  • Hilton Head is one of the Sea Islands where the Gullah culture developed. A fun way to learn more about this fascinating culture’s foods, language, art, and more when you’re vacationing in Hilton Head is to visit The Coastal Discovery Museum. If you come in February, you can enjoy the official Gullah Celebration.


  • The Harbour Town lighthouse is a beloved landmark that has never been a functioning lighthouse at all! The iconic red and white striped lighthouse was initially built as a tourist attraction. These days, the lighthouse serves as both a museum and a gift shop, delighting all that come through for tours.


  • Sometimes, you might hear someone refer to the island’s heel, toe, or ankle when describing locations because of the island’s foot shape.


  • Hilton Head has more than 100 miles of bicycle trails, each one prettier than the last. Renting bicycles is a great way to explore the island and get in some exercise!


  • All of the signs on Hilton Head Island are calming neutral colors. The island was developed to maintain the peace and balance of the natural world so that you won’t find any neon signs on Hilton Head Island at all!


  • Hilton Head Island is on the smaller side, as islands tend to be. It only has about 40,000 year-round residents but receives around 2.5 million visitors each year!


Want to hear more? We can’t wait to welcome you and help you discover all about the island when you book your Hilton Head Island vacation.