Ah, it’s finally the time of the year that most people look forward to. For Bike-riders, it may be even more so. From the multi-colored foliage to the crisp, chilly air. Fall can be a bike rider’s dream, especially on Hilton Head Island, where it is always lovely! Here are a few tips for that perfect ride in everyone’s favorite season:

What to Wear

Fall can bring with it unexpected temps and unexpected weather. So, it’s best to pack extra layers to keep you adaptable to changes and more comfortable. Pack the extra layers in a waterproof bag to ensure they don’t get ruined. You’ll also want to consider waterproof shoes. There is nothing less fun than cold, wet feet, and a little rain shouldn’t have to stop you from hopping on your bike.

Your hands are critical to controlling your bike, so don’t ignore them! Get gloves that will help protect your hands from the elements and also aid in keeping a better grip on the handlebars. There are tons of bike gear products available to make your ride much more pleasant.

Staying Safe

A lot of bikers will wear clear or light-lensed glasses can keep the rain out of their eyes. However, you may not want the droplets of rain on your lenses, which could obscure your vision. In this instance, a helmet with a visor or just your run-of-the-mill baseball cap can work wonders. For safety reasons, a helmet is always a good idea.

Obviously, in pre-dawn or late evening rides, you will want to be seen. Invest in high-visibility clothing or reflective inserts to transform your attire quickly. It also doesn’t hurt to get lights on the front and the rear of your bike; some even recommend it! Remember, the days get shorter in the cooler months, so plan accordingly.
Speaking of visibility, puddles you come across could hide a pothole or a dip in the road, so it’s best to steer clear.

Bike Maintenance

Preparing your body and attire for cycling is very important, but so is preparing your bicycle! Take care of oiling chains, pump up tires, and do some general maintenance on your bike so you can keep moving.

In conclusion, whether you’re new to your bike-riding adventures or a seasoned pro, we want you to have a safe and enjoyable ride here in Hilton Head. Didn’t bring along your bike? Well, they are difficult to pack for vacation, impossible even, but that’s no problem. You can rent bikes and other items from one of Vacation Comfort Rentals.

“Four wheels move your body; two wheels move your soul.” – Nicola Miller.